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Protecting your future physically and mentally

We know the feeling of wanting to take safety seriously, but you try on a helmet look in the mirror and think NO WAY… No stress, we hear you and we are here for you! We have used the same inspiration we use to design our headwear and apparel to design a super low profile, 90’s skate inspired helmet that doesn't compromise on safety. We literally removed as much foam lining as we possibly could whilst still reaching the European ski and snowboard safety standard, EN 1077:2007. We decided that not all helmets have to make you look like a mushroom, the Park and Pro helmets low profile design paired with its square lines gives it the exact look we had sketched up in our prototype and design phase over 4 years ago.

It’s no joke that helmets save lives! Physically a helmet lessens the trauma to your brain by absorbing the impact of the injury. We are stoked to be able to offer a product that not only protects you against brain injuries but helps you to look good while wearing it! Our beanies and hats are still epic, but lets keep them for the apres. 

For us, snowboarding is such an integral part of maintaining good mental health during the winter months, so while we’re helping to protect the physical health of your head with our new helmets, we wanted to do something to help with mental health too - which is why we are proudly supporting BeyondBlue with the launch of the Park and Pro Helmets.

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