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Welcome Joel and Nate to the BLAK Headwear team! As we like to say, We Are A Bunch Of Misfits That Found A Home In The Mountains and we are stoked to welcome you into our Family. We couldn’t be happier to support two of the most stylish up and coming riders coming out of Aus, and we are absolutely stoked to have you both riding at Mt Hotham. Breathing life back into the Victorian scene that has been lacking for many years.

We sat down with the two of them to ask a few hard hitting questions so we could all get to know the fellas a little better.

At what age did you first start snowboarding and how did you get into it?

Joel: I started riding when I was 3 but only really got into it following high school. I went to France with a good friend of mine, about 2 seasons after that I started riding park. I Have been doing just that ever since.

Nate: I had saved up enough to go on my high school’s ski trip when I was seventeen. I think I got four days to learn at Thredbo, I can’t really remember much actual snowboarding from that trip but I do remember that I loved it! Three or four years later I came to Canada where I guess I learnt to ride properly. It’s only been in the last four or so seasons that I started riding park and now that’s all I want to do!

You both seem to put a lot of time and effort into chasing winters, why do you think that is?

Joel: It’s not worth missing a riding season to hang out in 40-degree weather. I’d rather be having a new adventure than sweating at home, sunny park laps beat sunny beach days any day.

Nate: I just love boarding and usually the time and effort is worth it. I’m pretty over working seasonal mountain jobs, I do it so I can be on the hill though! Anyone got any industry job opportunities HMU!! 

Joel your Instagram name is @slipperyplanker? What’s the story behind that?

Don’t take life too seriously.

Nate well yours is @Nate.reis I’m tipping there is no story behind that one?

It’s actually been reis’s pieces for a while. Not much of a story there. My last name is Reis and I love the candy!

Tell us about your ride? brand? size? bindings? and why?


Board: Capita, Ultrafear, 149

I had been through 5 Salomonders then Salomon stopped making them. I wanted another flat board so I bought an Ultrafear and loved it. Linton from Capita was nice enough to get me on the new one and I don’t want to ride anything else. 

Bindings:  They are a Frankenstein of Union’s Springbreak, Travis Rice and Scott Stevens bindings with artwork on the highbacks by Joel and my buddy Braedon.

Boots: I have 32 Mavens. I’ve loved them but they stopped making them too so I just ordered a pair of Vans.

Stance:  I actually have no idea, I always just eyeball it. Not too narrow, not too wide. Angles are 3 -3


Board:The Interior Plain Project, Honalee,150
The lovely Beau reps for them Australia and I’m lucky enough to get a board every season. I decided to go with something slightly stiffer and larger this year, cause why not? Last year it was the Harrow 147.

Bindings:Bent Metal Transfers
Courtesy of Sam, the Victorian rep. Thanks my man! Best pair I’ve ever had.

Boots:Vans High Standard Orgs
Nice and soft, don’t tie them past the ankle for extra flex.

Stance:19 at 3 -3.

What are your most memorable experiences snowboarding thus far?


Definitely the trip to Grouse last year was nuts. Filming for 1 Full Tape was pretty fun too. As well as with the Grouse crew thus year. Such good vibes in all these experiences. Its all about the people your with.


The trip to Grouse last spring was the most fun boarding I’ve ever had. We had a pretty average season at BW where the park was kinda whack and we never saw any sun. We were planning all season to spend spring at Whistler but they decided not to do the Spring Pass, so we decided to go to Grouse instead. Best turn of luck ever!! I remember turning up at the Side Cut park first day and we were all losing our minds that every feature was set-up perfectly. We had two weeks of sun and +10 temps riding the most amazing park with my best friends. Shout out to Marcus and the whole Grouse Mtn Park crew for consistently building one of the best parks in North America.

We know you’ll both have something epic up your sleeve for this spring care to fill us in?

Joel: Grouse is the plan, we will see if I can make it. Probably fill a bunch of tapes there and try make something worth watching!

Nate: The plan is Grouse again. Hopefully we’ll be able to film a lot more this spring.



Where do you lads get your style inspo from?

Joel: So many different places, try and take bits and pieces from a bunch of my favourite riders. Definitely like to try stay ahead of the curve and watch skating edits, Hotel Blue. As for filming, Chad Unger or Seamus Foster.

Nate: Definitely from watching edits. We’ve been filming a lot on tape lately so lots of VX skate edits too. Hotel Blue was been a favourite of late.

OK speed round, we are going to ask you a bunch of random questions to help the team get to know you a little better. We want to know all your favourites.


Favorite grab? A well done Mute or melon with a backside nose bone

Food? Burritos or a rice and everything dish

Music? Rap and Zamrock while riding
Colour? Baby Blue

Movie? Landline or Crazy Loco

Snowboarder? Jed Anderson or Ojo

Resort? Grouse or Bear

Brand? BLAK (Great Answer)

Beverage? Tea or Hot chocolate made with old gold

Car? My Nissan Navara


Favorite grab? Indy Nosebone

Food? Mexican or Thai

Music? A bit of everything

Colour? Is Blak a colour?

Movie? Vans Landline

Snowboarder? Jake Kuzyk

Resort? Grouse

Brand? Blak  (Great Answer)

Beverage? Black drip coffee!

Car? My buddy Braedon’s Delica Van!

One last question for you both, If you had to pick a song that best represented you what would it be? 

Joel: Changes Charles Bradley. Nate’s addicted to Golden Brown by the Stranglers amongst other things, I think it’s a hint.

Nate: I keep heckling Joel to make me an edit to Golden Brown by The Stranglers. I hope it doesn’t represent me as it’s about Heroin, but I think the song will work so well. Hopefully by the time this comes out the edit has been made!

Welcome aboard fellas, like we said super stoked to have welcomed you both to our family and look forward to working with you both during winter 2019 and helping you cook up whatever crazy ideas you have got stewing for this season.


Check out their latest creation below, 1 TAPE we think its pretty epic!

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